Mollie Makes – Inspiring New Craft Mag

May saw the launch of the much anticipated Mollie Makes, a magazine ‘for people who love the crafty life’.

I had to get my mum to find me a copy in deepest darkest Essex as I couldn’t track one down here in East London. It was well worth the search though, a fresh take on a genre saturated with fuddy duddy publications I devoured it cover to cover, 5 times. It has articles about places you would want to go, things you would want to buy, as well as patterns to make beautiful, original things for yourself. I even had a nurse in A&E ask to take a look at it as she couldn’t get hold of one, (long story involving my flat mate/best friend breaking her arm in a bicycle related hit and run incident).

I for one am going to sign up to their subscription offer of 3 issues for £5, to make sure I don’t miss out on any of the crafty fun.

Have a look at their blog for yourself if you need any more convincing!

Here is my take on one of their featured projects taken from the book Felties by Nelly Pailloux. The original design was of a plain Chihuahua but I made my with some colour variations to look like my best friends pooch, Rupert, to cheer her and her arm up.

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