Inspiration from Vintage Magazine

This sunday I went to Cambridge to visit my lovely friend Rachel, we had a delicious BBQ and she made the most amazing Banofee pie! A mutual friend has recently moved house and Rachel had found an amazing magazine, from 1959, in a local vintage shop as a wonderful gift. I was mesmerised, I have taken some sneaky peeks to share with you lovely people.


I love the wonderful illustrations throughout and most of them were black and white images. The advertisements are so simple, a picture and some words about the product, fantastic! I particularly love the Swarfega advert, the weekends of my childhood were filled with the pungent smell of the stuff as my Dad cleaned his hands, arms, face and knees after working on the car. I was actually saddened to learn they have improved the smell to a much milder form in recent years.

Including useful tips on how to make dressing tables, Moses Baskets, curtains and how to wallpaper a ceiling in ‘modern’ textured wallpapers. However it did include the late 50s/early 60s trend for panelling everything, beautiful victorian doors, banisters, you name it, if it was decorative the idea was to panel over it! I think we can safely say this trend was a bad idea and you might still have original features in your house hidden under layers of wallpaper and paneling…..?

So next time your out in a junk, vintage, charity shop have a rummage for other gems like this one!

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