Crochet Obsession

I have mastered it!!! After weeks of getting books from the library, second hand shops and watching YouTube tutorials I have taught myself to crochet! I have wanted to learn for ages and never quite got around to it. After reading the latest issue of Mollie Makes magazine, which I raved about in my earlier post, I was spurred on to learn to make the beautiful Starburst Flower Blanket, designed by Jane Brocket. I was warned that crochet is addictive and it totally is! You get really fast results in comparison to knitting and you don’t have to be too exact with it. I am quite a tight knitter, my mother says it’s because I’m too uptight, but with crochet you have to be much looser and free with it. Or you can’t get your hook back through the loops. The traditional Granny Square’s are the basis for most crochet blankets and are fantastic because you make as many as you want to create the size blanket you want. You can use as many colours as you like or as few. Next step, make my own design!

Here is what I have so far, might take me a little longer till I have enough squares for a whole blanket but I will definitely post pictures when I finally do!

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