Teaching at Craft Central

Last week I had the great opportunity to run a knitting workshop with some lovely lovely ladies at Craft Central, in Clerkenwell, London, a fantastic charity supporting crafters.

‘Craft Central is a place where things happen. People get inspired. Creative businesses flourish and a community of designers and makers talk, meet and swap ideas. Put simply, Craft Central is a destination for those involved in craft who want to get somewhere, make something happen and see things differently.’

We had a varied group of abilities which was fantastic as everyone was helping out each other and learning new skills and tips. We had a few projects on the go from baubles to egg cosies to intricate scarfs. Our knitting was spurred along by two boxes of wine which always helps relax the mind!

If you would like to join a workshop to join a new skill check out Craft Central where they have an amazing array of crafts to learn at subsidised rates starting from £19.99. We also run workshops here at Sip One Purl One, please check out our Workshop page for details.

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