Art Attack!

Happy New Year!! Bit late sorry. To cheer you up though I thought I would do a post about the artwork in our flat. We have quite a few now and I love them all. If you asked me what I would save in a fire, I would say ‘funny you asked me this, my mac (Simon) followed by me pictures.’

Rob Ryan is a popular choice here at casa del Sip One:

This beautiful black and white print of tower bridge was a present from my creative friend Cecily Vessey illustrator extraordinaire. I have hung it above my desk to stare at during moments of dwindling concentration. It’s very therapeutic! :

This print is by Harriet Gray, I bought for the other half as he looks a bit like a bear, I thought it would be romantic:

This really cute print by Hanna Melin, has the lyrics to an Elton John song written on the pencils. Reminds me of my dad as he used to sing this to us when we were little:

I actually made this one! It’s an Emily Peacock tapestry that I got for Christmas one year. Well it took me nearly 2 years to complete it, but I loved doing it and really miss having a tapestry on the go when I feel like a break from knitting some evenings. Mum had it framed for me as a present this christmas which was incredibly thoughtful and it is now officially an heirloom for future generations.

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