Knitted Beard Card

I made this card for Father’s Day, my sister, Clare, and I have been pressurizing my Dad to grow a beard since he shaved off his original beard 5 years ago.. He had one since we were babies and for him to butcher it when we were 21 and 19 was like losing part of a parent. Which it was. He had to fake tan to change the underlying skin from grey after 25 years of hibernation to a normal healthy peach colour.

Well I made him this subtle nod towards beard love for his Father’s day card. Clare and I had not discussed our card choices but upon opening them there appeared to be an unspoken theme. She had got him a card with a knitting pattern contained to knit your own beard! Well the furry nail was in the furry coffin and he just had to!

You will all be pleased to hear he know has a lovely beard, although it is a little more salt and pepper than urban viking, but after 55 years, that’s fine by us! Well done Dad. You look GORGEOUS!! xx

Dad Circa 1999…? I think?

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