About Us

Welcome to Sip One, Purl One where all things handmade go down sweetly with a cup of tea and a slice of cake. Shop, blog, online craft space this website aims to create a haven for like-minded individuals. We’re here to provide inspiration for anyone who loves to be surrounded by all the beautiful and delicious things life has to offer.

We are Sarah & Clare, sisters from Essex. We started off  blogging as a way for Clare to review cafes she loved to frequent and Sarah to show off things she had made. We decided to combine efforts and create Sip One, Purl One. The name comes from a long standing dream we have about one day opening a cafe and a craft space/shop. Clare’s half being the cafe, Sip One, Sarah’s half the craft space, Purl One. Sarah can turn her hand to most things, knitting, sewing, model making, painting so expect her blog to be varied! Clare is passionate about food and hot beverages, she kept a notebook detailing her reviews of cafes she had visited for years, the natural progression was to blog about her passion. We both like to talk about interesting places, books, magazines and loveliness.

The main fuel to our creative fire was our mother. Although she claims to have not one artistic or creative bone in her body she was making her own clothes, knitting and decorating throughout our childhoods. She also is a mean cake baker, which probably accounts for Clare’s fascination and Sarah’s waist line! Our Mother in turn was inspired by her mother, our Nan, no-one knits socks quite like our Nan. We were always encouraged to express ourselves and do what makes us happy so this website embodies all that makes us happy.

We have recently started planning workshops, a place to come and socialise, drink tea, eat cake and learn a skill. We have roped in some of our creative chums to fill in the gaps in our skill set and plan to have an unusual and varied range of activities. Please check out our Workshop page for more details.

So thanks for coming to see our little set up and please have a read of our Blogs and take a peek at our Etsy.

Happy crafting, caking and creating.

Clare & Sarah x

Please direct enquiries to info@siponepurlone.co.uk